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Got a question about a challenge? Or perhaps something about the prelude or how to get an NPC? Well come ask it here. The forum is littered with everyone asking tons of different questions so here is a thread to consolidate all your questions about the game so that we don't get the same ones asked by new comers. So please come one come all and ask about the zombie apocalypse. After all information is sometimes more powerful than a nice shiny gun.

How exactly do you locate certain locations? I was wondering because some places are certainly not what they actually are. One of my high school classes was listed as a prison and when clicked it said "Mrs. Heinz's class from hell" or something like that so I was simply wondering who invents these locations or what exactly you get them from.

We use Foursquare for our location data, so the location you mention is most likely a user created location.  I know in my local area there are several user defined locations that are in the suburbs, even one called "Home Depot" that is in the middle of some houses. 

We have a system where we categorize the foursquare data into our 'zday' world. It's all based on the fourquare data though.

I've also encountered situations where the foursquare data is just plain wrong...for instance a restaurant name and address are listed correctly but the GPS data from foursquare puts them several miles from where they are really located.


Thanks! I wasn't completely sure because some of them are so correct that I figured it could be from the locational services since they are typically very accurate. An ingenious idea I must admit! Nothing more exciting than getting a .50 cal from the local gas station

Out of curiosity, what is keeping some player in need of a weapon or two in game from going on Foursquare and putting a military base in their backyard or something? I'm not too familiar with the software but I feel like manipulating it would be fairly easy


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