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Getting June to join

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I have tried several restarts and am wondering if any of the following are possible:

Getting June, the orphaned girl, to join your group before you go into the bunker?

To find Dave before he leaves?

To get anything positive out of the police station? (I had the badge, which seems to fit storyline-wise, but nothing ever came of it)

Second question. I know the duct tape will be used later for constructing weapons, but are there any real uses for any of these other random tools?
Plastic tubing
Regular woodsaw (not hacksaw)
Can opener
Water bottle
Duffle bags
Car battery/ Tire repair kit/ Gas canister

These all seem to be worthless, basically. Has anyone found a use for these specifically? Or maybe some other seemingly useless? There are a lot of broken vehicles, But I have yet to encounter any ability to fix one.

These items may have no use to you now, but they will soon. 

And for the record, several challenges include a use for binoculars.
I know of one where a car battery is required.

Sunglasses are just cool. 


If you have the badge then you are doing the wrong thing because you definitely get stuff from the police station in the prelude.... Keep trying and if you can't figure it out by tomorrow I'll give you a hint but you should be able to get it by yourself ;-). As for June and Dave I've never gotten either of them to join and believe I've tried near every combination (Including avoiding everything to get to dave ASAP) but I could be wrong.

The binoculars are very useful I haven't gotten to use any of the other items yet though.

Hmm. I guess I could restart again, ha. Speaking of which, that's one that could be useful - easier restarts instead of finding zombies and dying to restart and test things out.

Eh... I don't know I was sure to do the prelude 5-6 times to experiment and see what could happen and I think it was worth it because it gave me a grasp of what the game would bring to the table.


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