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This is where you can all post descriptions, or screen shots of your favorite moments from the original ZDAY Survival Simulator.

 I will start it off with the first time I realized not everybody was going to be friendly :)

Honestly, my favorite moment was just in finding that there was a simulator for the zombie apocalypse. That is awesome enough in its own right. But if I had to choose a specific thing from within the game I would have to say locking myself in the jail and not being able to get out because I was stupid.

My favorite moment so far has been helping out a survivor by taking out 7 Zeds that were closing in on him. He thanked me by running away before the fight ended.

It was at that point that I realized I felt real life emotion from a game... I was calling the guy a butthead and what not, and loudly!

My favorite part was running into the police station guns blazing and finding a huge cache of weapons. It ended up where the Zed had been fed.

My favourite part was when you could choose to stay at the house and fight the horde or you could run and save you own skin. I had 1 party member and a 50. Cal. I stayed and then it said" 178 zombies attack you" i was just like whoa. This was the first time through for me i think, or at lest the first time i had seen this. So i waited and then it said" dave has been killed" you have killed 177 zombies " and before the last message came up i was like yes! I beat it! I beat it! And then i remembered how many there were and i was just, oh.right. "You are dead"


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