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Hey everyone, I appreciate the feedback and bug reports.  I even appreciate the complaints that you want more, because that means you enjoy the game.  I wanted to say though that although we are released, this game is very much in Beta from my perspective, we have a lot of real world challenges, and we rely on our player community to help us by letting us know what works and what doesn't. 

But if you have a problem, or a complaint, please post it here and we can try to get it sorted out.  We rely on these early days to get on our feet and get running.  We are working literally around the clock to get updates, fixes and features implemented.  So please don't give us a bad review and one star rating just because you feel like you can't find enough content sitting on your couch.  Or if you have a friend who is complaining about not enough new encounters, try reminding them that this is a mobile game, it only works on mobile devices for a reason.  We have hundreds of challenges out there, and just because you don't leave home doesn't mean our game deserves a bad review. 

Remember, if the world ended tomorrow, and you had to scavenge to survive, you wouldn't last long if you never left home.

We respect our players, we ask for the same. 


With respect, I don't have any objection to the stated mechanics of the game. Other games can be played on my couch. Survivor Z will require me to go walkabout. No problem! :)

Also with respect, the current "beta" state of the game is quite frustrating for me. I'm stuck with the black-screen-then-crash bug at the end of the "Clapboard House" challenge. Even before that, I was falling victim to the ever-longer searching delays. You have said that you're working on fixes, and I believe you. Therefore, I'm stalking the forums and checking the App Store for updates. :)

I hope my response doesn't seem too negative. This game has a lot of potential, and I'm looking forward to playing again as soon as some of the current problems are fixed. Z-Day is a terrific game. Survivor Z has the potential to be even better. Thank you for both of them!

Hey guys if you check some of the other threads you will see that this is addressed multiple times. You do not need 7 sunglasses and 8 blankets. The black screen is caused by a bogged down inventory. Make some cuts to your roster.

Yes, I've seen that same suggestion made on other threads.  I have two objections to it:

* The devs have told us that everything will be useful eventually. I don't want to throw away things that will be useful eventually. If purging my inventory was the only way I could keep playing, I'd do it. However, since the devs have also told us that they have a "fix" coming for the inventory issues, I prefer to simply wait for the fix.
* Actually, I have done a little bit of inventory purging, and I'm still stuck on the "Clapboard House" challenge. I don't want to purge more because of the above point, but I did throw away a few things to see if it would help. It didn't help.

Well then maybe try restarting? The next patch is coming soon but it won't help you today or tomorrow. You can probably get to where you were in no time. Please refer to the Wakers Frozen thread as it has the info you are waiting to hear.

But for the sake of a counterpoint... If you have 7 blankets... Just keep one. Clean up the roster that way. Not a total burn.


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