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Small errors, anyone else encountering?

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Hey all,

I've been having some problems with food and water disappearing from my inventory..... Sometimes it is there when I look at my profile and it disappears as I open the profile to look at it.....

Also are you get full health when you finish the prelude when the 311 days tick over? If you are that isn't happening ether

Anyone else out there encountering these issues?

I'm playing in Australia on an IPhone 5

Hi Dwax, sorry you are seeing some weird behavior.  Your health is supposed to go back to 100 when you come out of your bunker.

One question....are you playing on a single device or have you logged in on two devices?  The game will work on multiple devices but if you try playing on two simultaneously your player stats will get overwritten.  Your player profile does get saved on the server so you can logout from one device and login to another and keep playing just fine.  But playing both at the same time will definitely cause issues. 


That might be the issue I've been logging out of my phone when I get home and hopping on the iPad.

To fix up any problems I have tried to log off both devices and then delete to start again ill see if this clears the issues on my phone

Looks like I've fixed the issue, I logged off both devices and removed game from Facebook.

All working now as far as I can tell

I had a problem earlier today, I was travelling home on a bus when I searched a nearby park, it put me on a mission where I entered a bunker full of survivors (not going to give any MAJOR spoilers away) however the bunker catches fire, I chose to "fight fire" but it didn't work so I ran, but it kept looping back to the fire starting... I tried the two options repeatedly but this didn't help...

I had to close the app and reopen it to exit the mission, will this mission come back on as I believe there was a survivor I could get? Or is there any way I can try it again? If not I just want to let you know so that other people don't encounter this problem!

I believe the problem might be where I left the area? As the bus did get far away from the park?

Any help would be appreciated, I really want to know what the ending of this was, and if anything interesting happens ... Thank you, Lewis Smith


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