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I'm starting this thread to communicate information about server side changes we've made to the system or are planning to make.

Tonight we deployed a change that will make the action buttons in explore mode stay grey if you have searched them in the past few hours.  A small change but helpful to know where you've been recently.


it worked now for me but i have only tried at my home place

Works for me. Good fix, this cuts down some of the repetitiveness of patrolling my area.

Hello everyone.  In preparation for the 1.2 launch we've made a couple server changes that I wanted to let the community know about:

1. Enemy tiles are will be more dispersed on the fight screen.  So instead of a 3 tiles with 4 zombies, you might find yourself against 12 single zombie tiles.  The enemy tiles will move and form up as the fight goes on.  I post this as a PSA: be very careful about how you approach fights with many many tiles.

2. Repeated activity in a single area is now more dangerous and more rewarding.  There is now a small chance that you might find items again at locations you've visited.  The chances diminish with each search you do of a location, so if you've already searched your home area's 50 times then don't expect to farm items easily.  However if you explore a brand new area, there is the possibility of item drops on subsequent searches.

3. Along with point #2 above, repeated activity in a single area and repeated searches of the same locations will eventually start drawing zombies your way.  This is meant to more accurately model what happens if you loiter in an area shooting off your guns....which we all know that is a sure fire way to bring zombies your way.

4. If you happen to attract a lot of zombie attention, you'll notice the background image on the bottom status bar changes.  If you see red be very very careful.

5. You will now expend food and water with each location search. 

As always, enjoy!


Wow, everything sounded awesome until number 5. That sounds like a toughie but I will give it my best shot.


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