Author Topic: Bought a challenge but didn't get it?  (Read 7513 times)


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Bought a challenge but didn't get it?
« on: June 19, 2014, 10:48:02 PM »
You likely did get it. 

Go to Player profile screen, then select "Challenges" button, then scroll down, you should see it there with a big juicy green "Start" button next to it. 


If you don't see it there, forward a copy of your Apple receipt and I will take a look.

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Re: Bought a challenge but didn't get it?
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2017, 04:50:42 PM »
Hello, Mr. Ed Anderson!

I'm posting you today regarding tech/operating issues in Survivor Z that have been re-occurring since my purchase-of expansions.

I've purchased ALL of your iAP's (for iOS) on my iDevices, & although I have all updated iOS, game-fixes, & other suggested addendum, but I keep running into the same issues....

Firstly is the purchase & usage-of the,
"Groovy Van".  After purchasing-it, it mysteriously disappears from my inventory &/or safe-house; never seen again.
Along with that, I've never received the Food/Water with the van....ever (!)

Secondly, I've been successful at visiting the house to get "Harvey" the turkey, & after getting it (him), I've proceeded to trade Harvey to "Frannie" (Frannie's Farm), to acquire the Rocket Laucher. 

No less than 3-Times I've done this; getting launcher, & getting "Napalm-Ammo"
(& the 10-rounds you're given after leaving Frannie's).

After getting the launcher & 10-Ammo, I leave her farm successfully (without delay), & then check inventory....only to have the Rocket Launcher show that I have NO-AMMO to use it with!

I specifically purchased 2-or-3 iAP's; knowing that after I get the launcher
(& it's magically disappearing I could properly play them. 

However, I cannot see my purchases doing any good, if I cannot find/trade/fight &/or acquire the in-game items in-order to complete these purchases.  I highly doubt if I'll be purchasing additional add-ons for,
Survivor-Z, if after three attempts at playing, I constantly encounter the same issues with the same items, with the same end-result.

Could you kindly help-me, Ed; perhaps getting my character all the items that I've purchased to use, having them working correctly, & sort-out the issues with the rocket launcher's Ammo not showing-up?   

I'd hate to stop playing your amazing game, if my experiences are dashed by iap's that refuse to work, & in-game inventory that suddenly decides to remove itself from my storage.

I would be extremely greatful for your assistance, & my hopes are you can return my Survivor-Z Experience(s) to what they were before these glitches started ruining them.

Thanks You (& Cheers For Now)!
Very Sincerely,
London, CANADA