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Bithcin and Moaning


I wanted to address some of the recent bitching and moaning that has been going on about my lack of involvement in the forums.  First off, let me first suggest that it's none of anyone's business what I am doing, but I will say I have been to comic Con in San Diego and on vacation immediately following that madness. 

I am very busy doing a lot of Survivor Z and Simulator work, my focus these days on Survivor Z is on writing and content.  My focus on Simulator is a new challenge module that will hopefully be out in Fall. 

As for new updates and features, Survivor Z is what we consider "feature complete", and while there may be some minor embellishments, there are no plans for big updates that include new features. 

I am still very busy handling player requests, chasing bugs, and writing new challenges, so if you want to complain that you don't feel like you're getting enough attention, go ahead, but don't expect me to answer those emails. 


hi ed

i hope you get enought rest and return soon to us for full hard work
i read a lot about it and yeah i havent got any answer for my stuff too
but i believe in the game and hope to be able to play it again soon
people chill please


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