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The Lone Survivor

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Re: Survivor's Guide To The Apocalypse
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Audio Log #435

Reporter: Alex Ontario

Day 820

Why the fuck does everyone important die. Mystique, the only reporter, and the one goddamned person I loved, got grabbed a few weeks ago. This transmission is unofficial, mind you. If Pac had still been in charge, I would've lost my position by now. And of all people, I was voted in to be the new leader. Fucking Pac. If he hadn't lead his group with Mystique, Johan, and Adrian into the warehouse, they might still be alive. I'll talk it over with David later. At least he seems to care. God, I'm a mess. Now all these transmissions are are a goddamn personal diary... Its not like anyone hears these anyway... No more radio updates. I think everyone is finally dead... [Audible sigh, followed by a long pause] Is this one of those dreams? Like, you know, those ones that last for years. It has to, be right? But how... [Another pause] Fuck it. No one is alive anymore. And you know, all I'm doing is talking to fuckin' ghosts. [Another long sigh and groan] [END OF TRANSMISSION]
"They've got us surrounded - The poor bastards"


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Re: Survivor's Guide To The Apocalypse
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Matured position
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