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Let me hear your thoughts, complaints, and bug reports here.

Thank you


It's amazing! It's practically an entirely new game! I like the combat changes and the expansion and changes to the old game. It feels a lot more realistic now and flows very nicely.

1. new items not even seen in survivor z (chainsaw, combat helmet, screwdriver)
2. lengthy story
3. lots of ways to play
4. lots of starting modes (tank mode rocks! I'm looking forward to more occupations being added!)
5. Every decision feels like it could be your last
6. fewer scripted deaths (player almost always gets a chance to fight)
7. Lots of customization.

1. numerous typos and consistency errors. for example, when I take the stairs to the 10th floor, it says i'm on the 3rd floor when i get to the top. Additionally, the "man" in the back of the police station is actually a woman npc (sally)
2. Ending still feels not fleshed out. After the convenience store, the text gets a bit sloppy and the game moves to fast. I suggest more customization at the end of the game.
3. Can't see stats such as armor and damage. (is a combat helmet or a riot helmet better?)
4. Tools have no use. (for example, crowbars are not needed to open locked doors.)
5. Enemies have too much health. (if you have anything short of an assault rifle, you won't survive the easiest of fights.

1. even more options! This game is great, and can only be made better by adding onto it! perhaps even expanding the four-option setup to a six-option setup could be beneficial.
2. Darker tones. The player should have an opportunity to be truly evil, not just a dick at worst. and darker scenarios, where the player is forced to choose between the evil thing and the eviler thing.
3. more opportunities to build personality. there isn't just good, bad, scared, and brave. Every player has a very specific personality and adding more options in the option bar could solve this.

overall, this is a MASSIVE improvement over the older version of the game. If you liked comic-con in survivor Z, or the prologue in survivor Z, I highly recommend you get this game or update if you already have it.

I would like to see some new faces (as in new npc's) mabye more storylines, overall the update is fantastic! Good job!!

Cool, thanks Bobulance, I fixed that error with the police station. 

As for expanded content, I agree.  We are in fact working on entirely new challenges for Sim, they will be new from start to finish and we do have some darker themes in the works too.  In addition, new challenges will be taking full advantage of the new engine, which means more skills and using more tools, etc. will be required.

Keep suggestions coming. 


A few bugs:

1. If you managed to get the nurse in the hospital (sally) as an npc, then go to get the male npc in the back of the police station (releasing him, asking him to join you, etc) you will not receive any new npc.

2. If the player is attacked by the military humvee, then an infinite amount of m60 gunners will keep coming in waves to attack the player.

3. If you accept the crazy man's offer to kill his neighbor, then go to the neighbors house, then select "leave", the game will initiate the page for leaving the crazy man (saying he sees your gun and slinks away into the darkness mumbling) as opposed to initiating a page about leaving the considerably less crazy neighbor.

4. When receiving the male npc from the back of the police station, the npc you earn is a little odd. You receive luke as opposed to aaron (a known criminal), and his icon appears glitchy on his card when you first earn him. (it looks like his icon is overlapping another icon)

5. Luke's avatar always has the option to be healed, regardless of whether he has been injured or not.

6. Scripted injuries do not show up on your health icon. (Ex: i was shot by the military guards while driving the car, as it says in the page, but took no damage)

7. If the military checkpoint guards catch you and you run, the game brings you to a page as if you were just strolling up to the apartment building, rather than fleeing the scene.

8. escaped to safety counts for an unusually large portion of the player's score. and because only one of the possible endings merits an "excellent" score, the player's score is nearly always dropped considerably. Additionally, due to the lack of options for how to end the game, it does not seem like there are enough good options. I have counted 1 excellent, 1 average, and 1 poor ending total, with the rest being "failed". This seems a little unbalanced and makes getting a good "escaped to safety" score too difficult.

9. I have noticed that the "decision making" score actually revolves around how much the player retained their humanity (not killing other survivors, helping wounded, etc). I think it should be changed to "humanity" instead so that this is more clear.

10. The player automatically gets an excellent score for useful items found and weaponry if they are playing in tank mode. These initially earned items should not count towards the end score, i think.

11. On easy mode, the game should be considerably easier, especially at the start. If the player decides to stay put in the house, then when the zombies get in, it should be a defeatable amount (3-6 at MOST), as opposed to the mega horde they instead face, as these deaths-by-mega-horde right from the start seem very unfair, regardless of the warnings the player receives.


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