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Before you send us an email. read this posting if you are having trouble logging in to your Survivor Z account:

1.  If you originally used an email address to create your account, and you can remember what that email address is, just use our password retrieval tool. 

2. If you don't remember the email address you used, or you used a bogus email address, or don;t have access to your email address, you will have to start over.  We cannot give out passwords, as we do not store them in an unencrypted format.  Sorry, try harder next time. 

3.  If you used Facebook to create your account, follow these steps if you have double checked in settings that FB has authorized Survivor Z. 

Go to settings, Facebook, click on your account/name, choose delete account, choose remove contacts etc.
Uninstall Facebook application and survivor z.

Restart phone (menu & powerbutton until Apple shows on screen).

Install Facebook, login in the app.
Goto settings menu, Facebook, login into account, now it won't show the survivor z app being allowed to use Facebook.

Startup survivor z, it's going to ask permission for using Facebook, just allow and you are one happy survivor z gamer again!

Thanks Tony B. 


How about if you deactivate you FB will that effect anything? Because the account of FB and I deactivated it

so if I link facebook to my game, but now i prefer an account name, what can I do?

I made a new acc but when I saw the stronghold I made with my first account, it was gone. What happened to it? And can I still login my previous account even with the stronghold gone( which may suggest that my previous account data got deleted?)

Oh and when I logged out and back in with my fb, it still said that it couldn't login.
What should I do?

Please do not double post -Tstormj

I can't help you with the profile issue, but the facebook log in has been reoccurring.  Make sure your passwords match.  Delete, then re-install the app. If that doesn't work, let us know.


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