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If you have made a purchase and have an error (either the item not appearing or purchasing multiple packages and not getting them all etc.) if you have any of these things then all you need to do is the following steps:

1. Forward service@mongadillo.com your iTunes receipt with the following information in the email:

Give us the player name as well as the email IF it is not the email you are using to send the message (ex. if you are emailing them with jimmy@aol.com and your game email is willy@yahoo.com then you need to provide them that the email you use to sign in is willy@yahoo.com not the one you are using to contact them)

Finally just give us a quick description of what happened so that we have an idea of what is going on and if there is a pattern it can be fixed.

You can post here to let us know the issue as well, but be sure to email to also do the steps above.

This has happened twice, but I know why, and the second time was an accident,i brought the five medikit pack, and accidentally tapped out side the purchase box, which caused it to spend the money, but not give me the medikit a. I had no idea what had happened, but the next time, i figured out the problem.I'm not really that bummed, it was ages ago, and i just thought of it as a donation to the devs.
Just thought i would mention it.

Kinda the same situation here.  But for me. It was on a previous device I had(died, broken then I bought a new one ) and right befor the comic con IAP I had purched 100 food and water over a period of 2 weeks.  Then ->>I kinda dropped my new device<<-so when I got a new one installed this ap and logged it. ->> I was reverted back to were I was on the first device befor it died<<- so all my guns and food and water i had gained during that period.  Gone.  I hade like 500 5.56 becouse of the previous iap that had that ammo in it at that time....I'm not asking for nothing or anything like that( feel the same as guy above this post) just thought I post my strange and unexpected loss (kinda funny to me haha). I'm back up there now though. So I only really miss the 5.56 ammo I had stocked up. Haha. But I'm alsmot back up(I'm at250 ATM I think).   Wish I could buy more though

You cant take anything into the comic con challenge, it says that, otherwise they will disappear.it tells you to store everything even clothing.

It's literally impossible to bring items into the challenge


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