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Top6 Inventory Slot Choices // Favorite weapons so far?

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Hey fellow survivors, what are you guys rolling out for your top inventory bar? And what are your favorite (or most effective) weapon choices as of now?

Left to right, mine is currently:

Compass (1 slot tool)
Rope (1 slot tool)
Semi-automatic rifle (2 slot weapon)
Police Flashlight (1 slot tool)
Ballpeen hammer (1 slot weapon)

And I've been really pleased with the semi-automatic rifle. I have an assault shotgun, assault rifle, and fire axe near the front of the bottom scroll bar, but I haven't really had much of a chance to test them out.

How about you guys?

I may be exempt from answering, but you what makes an excellent combo?  Riot shield + Machete.  Excellent killing power + Awesome defense. 


As of right now --
Machete (1 Slot)
Sub Machine Gun (1 Slot)
Assault Rifle (2 Slots)
Sawn Off Shotgun (1 Slot)
Tool set (1 slot)

It's been treating me well -- having the sub / assault rifle helped me get the death dealer achievement. Definitely felt like a BAMF after that.

I'm rocking zombie heads with the following:

pocket knife
claw hammer

Machete and claw hammer is a pretty good combo for the occasional deaders. I had a pair of bolt cutters in my top six, but I didn't realize you could have the riot shield up there. Now its up there!!

I have to say the auto-shotgun is one of my favorite weapons in the game, took down hordes down considerably well and was very good for 1 to 2 shot kills.

Also, a semi-auto pistol and a SMG filled with ammo in both hands are deadly against hordes.


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