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There was a line somewhere in the beginning about finding a place to store your inventory. Will we be seeing something like a safehouse, or a large vehicle where we might be able to store excess inventory items that we don't necessarily need to be holding on to multiple copies of? I keep mostly everything (tools wise) and toss weapons of lower qualities/duplicates. However, I'm finding that it really clogs up the tools inventory having multiples of, say, zip ties - I could understand keeping one or two for incidents, but carrying 3+ without a stacking mechanism is becoming overly cumbersome. Furthermore, will there be a use for backpacks and duffel bags? Will we be able to actually store things in them in the future, or will they continue to take up space with no other purpose than "Dang I can't throw this out because I might need it at some point"?

Just a few concerns.

Thanks for your time!

We are supporting that eventually, for now, don't throw away anything, keep your inventory organized, but ther eis no physical limit on that lower layer, you can keep as much as you like. 

We are implementing strongholds soon.  They will be location based, in other words they will be placed by you anywhere you like, but you will have to physically be there to access the stuff, so best to place them somewhere you frequent, like home for instance, or school, or work, or all three. 


Do you guys think you can add explosives like grenades and craftable IEDs (could have saved me a lot of hassle in the private home event) or maybe combining items like nails + baseball bat or bottle + gas + rag or we could do gardening in open areas or even adding upgrades to guns (suppressor, red dot ect.)?

When the Z apocalypse happens, keep paper towels & an empty 2-litre soda bottle for a makeshift pistol suppressor.

Also, regarding craftable IEDs -- that would be oh so amazing, but any and every Z Survivor forum would get blacklisted by the U. S. government, they probably don't want us knowing how to start making bombs from fertilizer and orange juice.

Yes, we do know all that stuff, and more.  Crafting is one of the advanced features that I am most excited about. 

Now everyone go ahead and pat yourself on the back, you are going to be one of those people who can say "I was one of the first people to play Survivor Z" when its a year old an has a million players worldwide. 

And we thank you for that, its the early adopters that make it all possible. 



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