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Here all the answers to the common questions will be posted so that people do not have to go around looking or post questions that already have been answered. These answers will be only general gameplay and function answers, this forum will not contain tutorials or anything along those lines. The information will be sorted into different categories so that you can find and locate the answer you are looking for with ease. The content will be formatted with a question and the corresponding answer underneath it. The topic is intentionally locked so that it can only be updated by myself or another moderator/administrator.

This is how the FAQ is broken down:

System Content (Information about the current game, version, updates that came with this version and etc.)
Gameplay (Commonly asked gameplay questions and functions)
Weapons (commonly asked questions about weapons and functions)
Enemies (Survivors and zombies behavior)

More will be added if necessary and this should be updated regularly.

System Content:

Q: What is the current released version of this game?
A: 2.5

Q: Is internet connection and location services required for this game?
A: Location services are required and internet connection is recommended but phone service will allow the game to function as well. If you are using an iPod internet connection is required.

Q: What are the most recent features that were added to this game?
A: PVP via strongholds, crafting, new NPCs, new items, ability to claim and fortify locations, location icons

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: I died and lost pretty much everything as well as both my melee and ballistic bonuses along with almost all my food. Why?
A: The game is meant to be realistic and although there is a pole for a permanent death pole it has not been confirmed if death will become permanent so as of now if you do not wish to start over you must suffer that penalty.

Q: I can't find any more encounters by hitting the keep searching button, are they all gone?
A: The writers are cranking out stories as fast as they can, but most encounters will be triggered by finding a certain type of location. Such as a fast food joint, or a starbuck, or even a bowling alley. When uniquely named areas to search pop up you should search them, you never know what it might trigger. 

Q: I have some ideas for stories how can I submit them/ write them?
A: Either submit your ideas to Ed or any of the members who are writing so they can make them real or, sign up for  http://writer.inklestudios.com/ and then write them yourselves and submit them to Ed so he can review them himself.

Q: Does my health regenerate on it's own?
A: Yes you will gain one hp per hour unless your food and water is at zero, so medkits are not the only thing that can heal you.

Q: Items have a level at the top right and then an xp number on the bottom left. What do they mean?
A: The xp sign shows how much xp you get when you pick up the item. The level number shows the minimum level needed to pick up that item. So if you are level 4 you will not be able to pick up any level 5 items until you reach level 5.

Q: I searched an area I know I cleared and managed to find some more loot, is this a bug?
A: No, the developers have installed types of logic in the game making it so that locations can have items again just like in real life, the chances are just reduced.

Q: I can't seem to find any locations or challenges anymore. I've been clicking the keep searching button for an hour and have run out, what am I doing wrong?
A: This game shows locations based on what foursquare marks as them in real life. If sit in one spot or live far away from any sort of town it will be difficult to play this game. Make sure to take it with you on trips to get the most out of it.

Q: What tool does what?
A: Use common sense and experiment during encounters.  The developers are not giving out hints on this matter, but recommend you hold on to pretty much everything because eventually their uses will become apparent.

Q: I can't seem to find a specific medkit, gun, or piece of armor what am I doing wrong?
A: There is always a random chance to find pretty much any item at any location, but this game strives for realism so your chances to find a medkit are increased when searching hospitals, doctors offices, and pharmacies. Your chances of finding a weapon are increased when searching pawn shops, police stations, and military bases.

Q:How exactly does the game locate certain locations?
A: The game currently uses Foursquare for its location data, so the location you mention is most likely a user created location.  It is possible that in a particular location there are several improper user defined locations that do not make sense, as they are user defined (e.g. a "Hardware Store" or "Theme Park" in the middle of residential neighborhood). 

Q: I have a crowbar in my backpack but it wasn't used what did I do wrong?
A: Some challenges will reveal optional answers if the right tool is equipped in your hand. (For example if the building is on fire and you have a respirator on you may get to search for an extra moment, but if it is sitting in your backpack you wouldn't get said option.)

Q: I use two different devices but my data keeps getting all screwy what is going on?
A: Your characters are saved on a remote server, not on your handheld device.  The game sends data to servers every so often and if you do not log out of one device prior to playing on a second device, your character data may not properly write to the servers.  Or, it may be overwritten, causing you to lose items and/or experience . If you play on two devices be sure to logout on one when you finish and then logout and back in to the next device upon resuming play. This issue should have been fixed in the v 2.0 update, but if you are having issues like this, use greater care to log out prior to logging into an alternate device to play the game.

Q: What do all the little different location symbols mean?
White circle (empty)  - Uncleared location
White circle with "x" - Cleared not claimed location
Light blue circle - uncleared/location challenge in progress
Blue Triangle - Stronghold held by you
Red Square - Rival player stronghold


Q: Are Riot Shields Considered Weapons?
A: They are primarily armor, but like several non-weapon items, they can be used for attack and have offensive value.

Q: Can I use two riot shields and get the individual armor bonus from both?
A: Yes, this was fixed in the 1.2 update and now the use of two riot shields is supported.

Q: I have a whole ton of weapons and have been finding them like crazy, ammo as well. Is there even a point to conserving ammo?
A: As time passes in the game, the amount of ammunition you find will become more and more scarce making it so that eventually, if you do not conserve, you may run out of ammunition.

Q: Will I be able to craft/upgrade weapons and other items?
A: Eventually yes, see the crafting section for more details

Q: I have some great ideas for weapons, should I pm or email Ed or another developer?
A: There is a topic called "Item suggestion list" in this forum and just post your suggestion and it could be accepted and implemented into the game.

Q: I can seem to find a gun that other people have been finding, what is wrong?
A: Guns (as well as all items) have a level associated with them. The higher the level is the rarer the item, making it more difficult to locate in game. Additionally if your level is below the level of the weapon you will NOT be able to find it until you reach that level. (This excludes fixed encounter drops.) So if you are hunting for an m60 and are only level 9 that is why you can't find one. On a final note some weapons are intentionally left out of circulation so if you see a weapon you have never seen an no one has it chances are you aren't able to find it yet.

Q: how does weapon of the day work?
Step 1: Go to enemy stronghold or new location (Fight necessary enemies, search location) DO NOT LEAVE
Step 1a: When the options are "Leave unclaimed" and "Claim Location" Choose Claim.
Step 2: Scavenge if you wish.  Otherwise, click Share, and share to twitter/facebook. WILL NO WORK IF YOU DO NOT SHARE. DO NOT CLAIM YET.
Step 3: Fortify if you wish.  Claim location.
Step 4: You should a new screen that starts out with "Congratulations!"


Q: How exactly does armor work?
A: Armor does not need to be in the proper location (As long as it is in the bar for armor it will give you the bonus) but you will not receive an armor bonus for a duplicate item. (You can't wear 2 riot helmets and receive an armor bonus for each).  However, some items look identical but provide different types of protection; pay attention to the individual Ballistic and Melee armor values provided for various items and experiment with different combinations of armors.

Q: How do I get the armor bonus from riot shields?
A: You must have them equipped in your hands to get their armor bonus; note that they can be used offensively also, but their offensive value is minimal.

Q: How do I know which armor is more effective?
A: As 2.0 you can now see how much melee bonus and ballistic bonus the armor gives you.  Additionally, look at your character screen before and after equipping the item; you can see how equipping various items affect your armor values.

Q: Why can't I find the armor I want
A: Like weapons armor also has level making higher level armor far more difficult to find.

Q: Why can't I find a suit of armor or that cool juggernaut suit from CoD?
A: Not all pieces of armor are in game, so if you want to find something you saw from a non realistic video game, chances are it may not be in existence here.


Q: How do you heal?
A: You can heal either by using an item, like a medkit, or waiting; characters and NPCs heal naturally over time (though player characters heal at different rates than NPCs).

Q: How do I use a medkit?
A: Double tap the item and then you will be prompted to know if you want to use the medkit

Q: I can't seem to find any medkits what am I doing wrong?
A: Try searching locations where medkits would be provided. Pharmacies, Hospitals, Doctors office etc. They are randomly given so it is mostly luck, but locations where they would be more common provide a higher chance of receiving them. 

Q: Do Vitamins, Antibiotics, and Sterile Sutures also heal?
A: Yes, Vitamins heal 1 health and it is undetermined how much health antibiotics and sutures provide but they certainly do.

Q: Can a medkit be used when food and water is at zero?
A: Yes medkits can be used at anytime.

Q: Why even keep vitamins around if they are so useless?
A: Vitamins heal NPCs effectively making them very useful for keeping your helpers alive.


Q: I haven't gotten the option to make a safehouse what have I done wrong?
A: You will be prompted to find a safehouse after a certain amount of gameplay so it makes sense (Typically around level 3)

Q: Does My safehouse clear upon death?
A: Yes the safehouse along with everything but what you have in your hands is lost upon death.

Q: Can we change Safehouse Locations?
A: In the future you may be able to move your safehouse but for now it will only be able to remain in the spot you initially made it so be sure to put it somewhere you often visit.

Q: Will a safehouse be the only type of place I can store my items?
A: No, as of update 2.5 you can now claim locations to create strongholds which will allow you to store items, fortifications, and NPCs inside.

Q: Can anyone ever attack my safehouse?
A: No, the decision was made to keep safehouses out of PVP so they will not be able to be captured or looted by other players.

Q: I can make multiple safehouses is this a glitch?
A: No this is not a glitch, and you can make them once you are a certain distance away from your original safehouse. These duplicates will function just as the original and also be excluded from PVP.

Q: Can I move my safehouse?
A: with the ability to create more safehouses the ability to move current safehouses no longer is necessary. Simply load up everything and create a new safehouse at the new location you wish to.

Q: Can I delete safehouses if I accidentally create one?
A: Currently this function is unavailable.


Q: I can't find any survivor NPC's and I'm a high level what's going on?
A: NPC's are now enabled again though they are extremely difficult to find so that when you do find them they will be treated as important.

Q: In the prelude is there anyway to get June to Join?
A: No there isn't, but hints have been dropped that your interactions with various characters may influence how those characters, or other characters, respond to you at a later date.

Q: I'm a pretty high level, and I've been mugged 4-5 times trying to recruit an NPC what am I doing wrong?
A: NPC's are available in the game, but not every character you meet is an NPC.  Some characters may be hostile instantly.  Other characters may start neutral, appearing as possible NPC candidates, but become hostile.  Use your discretion and extreme caution when dealing with NPCs during encounters; not all NPCs are recruitable and some may wish to harm you.

Q: I can't seem to find any NPC what am I doing wrong?
A: Nothing.  NPCs are intentionally VERY hard too find, and may only be available to higher level characters.

Q: I've done every challenge that you get right after the prelude (Ghost and the handicapped guy etc.) what am I doing wrong because I can't recruit them?
A: You may not be doing anything wrong.  Some NPCs may be recruitable instantly.  Some of the NPC challenges/encounters come in multiple levels and that you may or will be able to recruit the npcs in them at a later date depending on the nature of your interactions with them during earlier encounters.

Q: I can't give my NPC all my awesome armor why not?
A: The decision was made to not allow people to give their NPCs armor in an effort to keep the system from getting over complicated.

Q: Does my npc's health regenerate automatically? And can I see how much health he has?
A: His/Her health does regenerate like ours, but not at the same rate, and you can't see how much health he actually has (for now).

Q: If I put an NPC in my safe house will they still get food? Also if they die can I resurrect them through an IAP?
A: They will still be fed in the safe house; it has been hinted at by the developers that their food and water consumption rates may vary based on where they are kept and/or how they are used.  They currently cannot be revived through IAP's

Q: Can I give an NPC a weapon?
A: Yes, NPCs may be given weapons, though they may be only given one weapon (even if the weapon itself only requires one hand to use) and once you give them another weapon the previous weapon is destroyed not passed back to you.

Q: Can I give my NPC my best firearm and have them just murder everyone?
A: Yes, though once you give an NPC a firearm of yours, they will begin to consume ammunition from your ammo count. NPCs who were found with guns will not consume your ammunition.

Q: I have my stronghold setup how come I haven't found an NPC yet?
A: If you build it they will come. Though not on the first day, there are a lot of variables that play into it so be patient and just check back every now and then and you'll get one eventually.

Q: Can NPCs level up?
A: The developers have stated that NPCs will no longer level up, so Dave will remain level 1 the rest of his life. You can find NPCs of different levels though so keep an eye out for them.


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