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So what tools can actually be used?

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I checked the forum couldn't find anything on what tools are actually able to be used as of right now before the next update. From what I have seen so far only binoculars med kits and the claw hammer. I have a generator and ham radios and a ton of Walloon talkies just was wondering if any are actually able to be used in the game.

There are several cases where things can be used, other than the aforementioned claw hammer and binocs.  I will not give away all their uses, because this is a survival game, but I will add that many items will be more useful in the soon-to-be released updates, where crafting is allowed. 

Like I have said, we designed a HUGE game, and we have decided to release it incrementally, to make sure we get it right, but also to make sure we don't overwhelm the players. 


Without getting in a conversation that is too specific (no spoilers).  I'm curious if anyone has found a use for antibiotics or the bandages found in one of the early encounters.  Are these commonplace at higher levels, and useful for character care?

I'm wondering if I should restart my level 6 character to go back for these... I'd hate to lose the option of keeping an NPC because I didn't have antibiotics that were available from only one place and couldn't save them.

Not spoiling anything, you don;t need to go back and start over, although I have restarted many times and it's just fun.  But you will have other opportunities to find these items, especially in Hospitals and pharmacies. 


Yeah you will find them again i happen to have 2 of them and like 10 med packs lol


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