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Survivor Z / Re: The Survivor Z World Atlas Project
« Last post by Chinevion on October 04, 2016, 09:56:44 PM »
Millburn Nj
Day: Who cares anymore

God where to start, Millburn is a commuter town to newyork, it was before Zday a 50 minute drive with no traffic. Everybody that lived there were young upon coming business men and women. Me I was there with my kids for the school system for them. When the reports of Zeds started coming in, I did not believe them but, to air on the side of caushon I bought a Remington and a glock. I used to be in the millitary so I knew how to use them. God, I was not prepared for what came next, I was at work, when the school called and said my little girl had been bitten by a strange man. Being the good father that I was I came and brought her to the hospital.
I was angry but hell, what was I going to do. That was when shit hit the fan. My crazy (or sane) preper friend told me that the rumors were true and that there was a zombie deases. I did not believe him till later that night as I was playing with my two burnese mountain dogs; hansel and grettle, I heard the sound of shattering glass my wife screamed and came running down the stairs. She was hystarical, and told me that a strange man had just broken in. I grabbed the glock and had my dogs and my wife hide in a closet. I stayed downstairs and waited, then I herd it a moaning, I steadied my self and flipped the safety off. Thump thump thump, the zed came shambling down the stairs. I yelled for him to stop, but he just kept coming, i shot him in the leg and he fell down, but he just kept coming. So I shot him in the head. I got my wife and dogs, into the car and drove to the perpers home. He had a massive bunker and a fort as a house (multi millionaire), The bunker had a hydroponic farm and an armory with everything from pistols to 50 cal hmgs, and within the high concrate walls of the yard, a small farm with some live stock. We figured that our daughter would be safe in the hospital. We listen to the outside world go to shit on a ham radio. Slowly our group has grown to 12, (npcs). We are living well and hope others will join us. Just know that, raiders are previlant in the area but leave us alone after we killed a group of 24 with no casualtys
Survivor Z / Re: New crafting recipes
« Last post by A-Prov on September 29, 2016, 06:01:45 PM »

That's a great idea! As it turns out, the Molotov cocktail has already been introduced into the game. Here are some pictures to help you craft it! If you have any other questions or ideas, let us know!

Keep up the good work and be prepared. New content will be here shortly. We want you to be ready!
Survivor Z / Re: Questions
« Last post by A-Prov on September 29, 2016, 05:13:34 PM »
What is your ingame name? I'm in a great clan that you can join. My in-game name is A-Prov. You can also send me a message on SZ too.
Survivor Z / Re: New crafting recipes
« Last post by dadwadwd4 on September 29, 2016, 09:02:01 AM »
would a molotov work?
glass bottle+kerosene+tissues+lighter

the tissues would have to be added as a miscellaneous item but what I was thinking  in terms of attack is that if your going up against a couple of rival survivors and their icon are overlapping and you target one with the molotov it either spreads to the overlapping ones or at least damages them and the survivor you targeted would not be scavengable because well he's burning and if your going up against a horde of zombies and their stacked so it shows like a group then in the corner a number and you target them depending on how large the horde is it takes so many turns for them to die

PS:happy hunting
Survivor Z / Re: The Survivor Z World Atlas Project
« Last post by Nimic3609 on September 27, 2016, 06:44:26 PM »
Been working on a new map since I have t seen a new one in 3 years ;) . If you interested message me on here or on the Freedom Outpost chat on Palringo! This gonna be more actual game based them role play. Remember it only gives the general location not you exact address and town and if you are in a Deadzone PLEASE SPEAK UP!
Survivor Z / Re: Questions
« Last post by rainisaur on September 24, 2016, 06:37:00 PM »
anyone have a clan i can join? im lvl 18
Survivor Z / Re: Chatroom
« Last post by A-Prov on September 15, 2016, 10:17:24 AM »
Survivor Z is even more fun when you join a clan and get to know more players. Being a team with a common purpose is very motivating. Clan members can also give you tips on what weapons and strategies work best so you can avoid being a Zed's main dish!
Survivor Z / Re: Chatroom
« Last post by ipodmcwilliam on September 15, 2016, 08:39:18 AM »
Sure, I would quite like to

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Survivor Z / Re: Chatroom
« Last post by A-Prov on September 15, 2016, 07:18:47 AM »
Not to long I'm in a clan but can easily leave they is nobody in the clan

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We have 160 members in the FO Legion. Let me know if you're interested.
Survivor Z / Re: The Survivor Z World Atlas Project
« Last post by ipodmcwilliam on September 14, 2016, 11:53:21 PM »
I live a couple of miles from York, England . The zed quickly overrun the city due to how small and crowded it was. My location is very small and thus only has a few zombies that are all weak, so far I have not encounters Any more players

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