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Survivor Z / Re: New crafting recipes
« Last post by toxicdeatH on April 25, 2016, 05:12:05 PM »
Ham Radio+car battery+walkie talkie+batteries=telecommunication (to talk to other survivors!)
I see big things in the future of survivor z
Co-op needs to happen ASAP :P
Survivor Z / Re: The Survivor Z World Atlas Project
« Last post by survivorc on April 24, 2016, 09:04:00 PM »
Columbus, OH

Day 32

I emerged right near Scioto Downs a while back. There's bars, restaurants, and farms nearby but they've all been stripped by the time I got to my little motel fortress. I came back to the surface in the middle of a horde, too. Just my luck. I've only been aboveground for a month, and while I've got water collectors I'm growing lonely. I haven't found any other survivors nearby, only crowds of 30+ zed every time I so much as blink at a building. Anyone nearby, you're welcome to try and make it out here, but it's a death trap. I'm just biding my time until these hundreds of walkers move on or strip my defenses and I down to the bone.

- Crow, Survivor C
Survivor Z / Re: New crafting recipes
« Last post by Vixen525 on April 17, 2016, 05:30:22 PM »

Duct Tape needs to be more common and have more uses. For example, you can make a makeshift Tarp out of a roll of Duct Tape, or even a container to transport water. (You should see the Duct Tape Survival episode of Mythbusters)

Currently, the only two recipes for a water collector (an extremely important thing to have) is
Plastic Tubing + Tarp + Water Bottle + Water Purifier
Plastic Tubing + Tarp + Water Bottle + Steel Wire
Honestly, I don't even understand why Steel Wire would work instead of Water Purifier, but whatever.

However, Duct Tape can make substitutes for some of these things. Not to mention, Tents are typically waterproof, or at least very water resistant, so why shouldn't it (or rather, the material it's made of) work as a substitute for a tarp?

And instead of having Steel Wire as an alternative for the Water Purifier, how about the Water Purifier itself becomes craftable? I have one idea, but I'm sure there's alternatives.
Water Purifier = Bleach + Water Filter + Water Filter + Duct Tape 

We all know the rare Lvl 5 Companions can become Lvl 3 Mercenaries. But perhaps to add to this branch of crafting, Lvl 4 companions instead become Lvl 2 Mercenaries.
Also: Kevlar Gloves should be added to the armor that is usable in crafting Mercenaries, seeing as it's the same level as Tactical Boots.
Lvl 4 Companion (like Omar) + Riot Helmet + Riot Shield + Kevlar Vest = Lvl 2 Mercenary.
Lvl 4 Companion + Armor + Armor + Weapon = Lvl 2 Mercenary (Don't know what weapon a Lvl 2 Mercenary uses.)
The reason I list lower level gear as a possibility is since it's a lower level mercenary. And it'd actually make it worth fighting 'The Family' to rescue Omar.

New Mercenary Recipes:
Lvl 5 Companion + High Level Armor + High Level Armor + Assault Rifle = Lvl 3 Mercenary.
Lvl 4 Mercenary + High Level Armor + High Level Armor + Auto Shotgun = Lvl 5 Mercenary.

After all, if they are using a new gun, why shouldn't that be a possible ingredient in the crafting?
Some other ideas I've had. A welding torch for crafting. It'd be reusable, but using it would take fuel. It's a lesser version of the IAP Acetylene Torch, not used in encounters at all. BB gun has some mechanical parts that might be adapted to making the torch, using Steel Pipes, Steel Plates and a Lighter. And some new stuff for strongholds could be cool. Like Snipers nest. Wooden posts for height, Steel plates for flooring, Sandbags for protection, and Steel pipes for ladder. Increases ballistic attack and possibly accuracy of defenders.
Turret idea: One random (Alt, the weakest) melee armed survivor defending the base instead has ballistic attack of that gun. Assault Rifle and M60 Machine Gun turrets.
Communications rooms/towers have been mentioned by others, but it's a good idea. There could be some variety on what's required for it. I suggest including the lantern; so your survivors can see the radio they're using!

A quick summary of the various recipes...
Self Sufficiency Recipes:
  • Water Collector = Plastic Tubing + Water Bottle + Duct Tape + Water Purifier
  • Water Collector = Plastic Tubing + Water Bottle + Tent + Water Purifier
  • Water Collector = Plastic Tubing + Duct Tape + Tarp + Water Purifier
  • Water Collector = Plastic Tubing + Duct Tape + Tent + Water Purifier
  • Water Collector = Plastic Tubing + Duct Tape + Duct Tape + Water Purifier
  • Water Purifier = Bleach + Water Filter + Water Filter + Duct Tape
  • Lvl 2 Mercenary = Lvl 4 Companion + Armor + Armor + Armor
  • Lvl 2 Mercenary = Lvl 4 Companion + Riot Helmet + Kevlar Vest + Weapon Used
  • Lvl 2 Mercenary = Lvl 4 Companion + High Lvl Armor + High Lvl Armor + Weapon Used
  • Lvl 3 Mercenary = Lvl 5 Companion + High Lvl Armor + High Lvl Armor + Assault Rifle
  • Lvl 5 Mercenary = Lvl 4 Mercenary + High Lvl Armor + High Lvl Armor + Auto Shotgun
  • Welding Torch = Steel Pipe + Lighter + Steel Plates + BB Gun
  • Barbed Wire = Steel Wire + Multitool + Welding Torch + Any Fuel
  • Barbed Wire = Steel Wire + Multitool + Acetylene Torch + Leather Gloves (to protect yourself)
  • Razor Wire = Chain + Multitool + Welding Torch + Any Fuel
  • Razor Wire = Chain + Multitool + Acetylene Torch + Leather Gloves
  • Barbed Wire = Steel Wire + Nails/Screws + Multitool/Tool Kit + Leather Gloves
  • Razor Wire = Steel Wire + Steel Plates + Multitool/Tool Kit + Leather Gloves
  • Rifle Turret = Assault Rifle + Steel Pipes + Steel Plates + Any Fuel (W.Gun equip?)
  • Machine Gun Turret = M60 Machine Gun + Steel Pipes + Steel Plates + Any Fuel
  • Sniper Nest = Wooden Posts + Steel Plates + Sand Bags + Steel Pipes
  • Communications Room = HAM Radio + Gas Generator + Gas Can + Lantern
  • Communications Room = HAM Radio + Car Battery + Multitool/Tool Kit + Lantern
  • Upgraded DFP = Defensible Position + Sandbags + Barbed Wire + Barbed Wire
  • Upgraded DFP = Defensible Position + Sandbags + Razor Wire + Barbed Wire
  • Steel Wire and Rope interchangable in more trap recipes

Now the rest of this isn't recipes, but regarding crafting supplies. So still crafting related.

Presumably our first safe house would be established at our bunker, so perhaps when the first Safe House is created, there should be a few things in there that are left over from your time in the bunker. If you had a year's worth of supplies, shouldn't you have a bunch of water bottles? And if you leave knowing you are going after food and water, wouldn't you at least carry one? And wouldn't someone with a bunker have some water filters or a water purifier or two? How did you open your canned food?

The dialogue mentions batteries, yet we have none. What house doesn't have duct tape? And a survivalist? Usually has at least half a dozen. And any survivalist is probably a fan of Survivor-man and thus knows the importance of always carrying a multitool. I keep one in my purse; because you just never know. I could see the player having used up their first aid supplies and such during the year underground, but living in your bunker, you wouldn't need to use up your duct tape and rope.

Certain crafting supplies should be more common in certain locations. Dentists' offices shouldn't just often have dental floss, they should often have plastic tubing. In fact, just about any medical facility would have plastic tubing easy to access.

In the Red Car encounter, you find a fairly intact car. You even find a car battery. So how about the plastic tubing used for windshield wiper fluid? No tire kit in the trunk? What about the saw Omar was trying to use on the chains? He found a saw in there... is there anything else potentially useful there? Some encounters specifically mention furniture used as barricades... so why don't we grab it? When we pry up boards to find a stash, could we gain lumber?

Perhaps if you have certain items in your inventory, certain supplies become more common. I'll make a full list for that later on the suggestions forum.

My Game login is Avisia. If you used some of my recipes, I'd be so happy. If I got an IAP or two out of it, I'd be overjoyed. I've already bought a few, like the New York Pack, San Diego and San Francisco City Passes. Also got Hunting Lodge, Take Me To The Movies, and Restaurant Pack. (I like to support good games, especially since IAPs are completely optional, and totally affordable) If it's not obvious, I'm not a big fan of buying in-game items, I prefer encounters and locations! (lets me restart without losing anything and test out different ways to play through the many encounters)
Survivor Z / Re: Survivor Z Community
« Last post by dadwadwd4 on April 09, 2016, 04:57:55 PM »
in the next update I think as a defense or trap should be an IED (Improvised Explosive Device)
Fertilizer(not in the game)+walkie talkie+batteries+walkie talkie.
Survivor Z / Re: Questions
« Last post by dadwadwd4 on April 09, 2016, 04:51:37 PM »
when is the new update going to be released or is that information that can't be shared?
Announcements / Re: Ric's Auto
« Last post by T8UM on April 08, 2016, 06:50:12 PM »
Ric's auto, huh? It was a great encounter for that car!

I'm kinda new to this forum (not to the game though) and I'm just browsing through all the threads.
Since no one else has said it: "a car? Sick, Rick!"


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Survivor Z / Re: Bug Reports
« Last post by T8UM on April 08, 2016, 06:42:35 PM »
3. This issue is one that I don't offer any solution to, but I want to make you guys aware of if you didn't already hear this from other players since this effects A LOT of the more dedicated players of the game:

I no longer get notifications from survivor z!!! I used to know every time I got a base raided or I got a message, but now I have to look everywhere every day I play to see! Again, no ideas on a fix but it is an important one to fix, please!

Alright, thanks for listening guys at mongadillo, and I hope this all helps in making your game better! :D

I would like to stress that glitch #1 is a major problem for many players.

Glitch #2 isn't super-important: leave it to last to fix.

Glitch #3 is also very important, maybe slightly less than glitch #1 though.

Thanks again for listening.
 (In game name: tayt-the-great.)

(Part 3/3)

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Survivor Z / Re: Bug Reports
« Last post by T8UM on April 08, 2016, 06:36:22 PM »
2. The other one that's bummed out a lot of my buddies is when they get the 'frannies farm' mission before they get the 'wild turkey' mission and have to completely restart...

I really know nothing compared to you guys about the coding used for those missions or if you can arrange them in logical order, so I can't offer an easy solution and therefore I cannot be dissapointed if you do not patch it.

This should obviously not be a priority bug right here, but it really might make future new players a lot happier if they get an equal chance to everyone else as per getting loot like a rocket launcher.

There's actually a third one I should mention, now come to think of it... It's in the third post, just got seperation so it's easy to understand the seperate ones.

(Issue 2/3)

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Survivor Z / Re: Bug Reports
« Last post by T8UM on April 08, 2016, 05:15:23 PM »
The game is pretty solid, but there really are a lot of glitches and code-holes to be honest...

There's only two that REALLY bother me, and from what I've heard from several other valued players these are for the most part near the top of the list for things needing to be improved:

I'm gonna put them in two separate posts so it's easier to see.

1. Clan messages won't load!
     Every new player has told me the exact same thing when they join my clan: the clan messages just will not load! I myself am the only one in my clan who can. I can see them because I have actively deleting old messages since I formed the clan, which shows that the root of the problem is definitely the amount of messages in the chat, NOT anything to do with the amount of players (the (s)laughterhouse has 42 members, and like I said, the messages would only load when there are minimal messages for a person).

This I see an obvious solution to this problem: make the messages delete themselves. To make sure that this solution does not become a problem to certain players (as in messages are deleted that they should've read but didn't),

I suggest that the EXACT thing you do as a creator is making messages in the clan chats (only in the clan chats, not regular messages) automatically delete themselves after 30 days. There will be a notice before the update telling players to screenshot any important messages from now on, that way they keep them after 30 days and you won't get many complaints.

(Issue 1/2)

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Survivor Z / Re: New crafting recipes
« Last post by T8UM on April 08, 2016, 02:48:20 PM »
One idea which seems like it would add a lot to the game would be to make bows actually useful in some way.

There are two ways that I see this happening: the first would be retrieving arrows, but this could cause a lot of problems involving glitches and getting more arrows/less arrows then you should.

The second way (which is relevant to this thread) would be making arrows for the bow craftable. I don't know exactly what would be fair as a recipe, and how many arrows each craft would give, so everyone here please feel free to post that below.

In game name: tayt-the-great, thanks if it's added. :D

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