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Survivor Z / Re: The Survivor Z World Atlas Project
« Last post by Amusing Clips on January 21, 2017, 01:55:59 PM »
TIME: 19:28
DATE: JANUARY 21st 2017

Hey this in the general, yeah that's right the general of the minutemen. You may have heard of us but then again maybe not. My bet is not. Well here is a little bit about us, we are of the people for he people and that's hard to come by these days. We used to be a big clan wth like 20 people but that was before the battle of, well maybe I shouldn't give that out just yet I don't know who is out there or who is hearing his but I don't want to risk the rest of us dying because of my fat mouth had to open. But anyway we started off as a group with intentions of doing good but time went by not knowing when we would get again some of our members started loosing hope in us when we found out our current general started raiding farms and drop zones ( what I mean by farms is that there was a group of people who wanted to help us and we had drop zones where they would put the food and we would protect them at any cost, the food was good but many others ask was it worth it). We found out and it wasn't hard to figure out who was killing our farmers. We hung that cheat from the balcony of the fortress, the last thing he said was justice will not feed the mouths of my people. I thought long and hard about what he said, he was right but yet he was wrong. We had a man by the name of Jackson claim general of the minutemen for a while until the battle. I'm not going to give the location out for our safety I will just say that we operate out of Ontario Canada. So anyway many just stopped caring about us and what we had done for them. I'm sitting hear talking about this because I still think the minutemen could still be what I always thought they could be, the good guys. I want them to be as what we were along time ago, the good guys. I gotta go now something going on at the gate now I better go and check it out. This is general Khris signing out.

I hope you enjoyed that story we actually are the minutemen and we are trying to help people out here. If you would like to help us try and take back the world get palringo and join the survivor ship. I hope that you will see that we are trying to help people out here and I hope you will to do join the minutemen today. Remember there is safety in numbers.

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Survivor Z / Re: The Survivor Z World Atlas Project
« Last post by Amusing Clips on January 21, 2017, 01:12:38 PM »
How do I post

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Survivor Z / Re: The Survivor Z World Atlas Project
« Last post by Trixualz on January 14, 2017, 06:24:25 AM »
Does this game ever receive any updates ? Or any new encounters anymore? I played this game for like 700 days and I was just wondering is it dead
Survivor Z / Re: The Survivor Z World Atlas Project
« Last post by slejhamR on January 06, 2017, 10:45:31 AM »
Recording #1
Date: January 6th, 2016
Subject: Better than pencils

Hello? Hello? Dave, I swear to god if you took the last batteries... Oh, so it's a push button instead of a switch now?! Who's the idiot that broke the switch? Oh, that was all recorded? Well then I suppose I'd better not waste any more battery life.

Hello, my name is Dan, but most people know me as Sledge. Why? Because I'm blunt and painfully honest, and to be frank, I'm really pretty bad with precision (hence the reason I carry grenades). I'm a survivor living out in the woods in a place called Ligonier, Pennsylvania. We have a group of survivors, roughly thirty strong (No, Dave, I will not do a head count. Mark and Johan took the kids out to secure the perimeter and I don't feel like counting... Because I'm LAZY Dave!) We used to live down in the valley, but three civil wars later, we decided to relocate to a place that nobody can find but us. We're making a life here, though it's been a while since we've met any new faces, living, dead, or zed. I'm their leader, even though I'm just a college student studying electrical and mechanical engineering.

I remember the day it happened. I was in the middle of an interview for a new job when the assistant came in and politely asked if I was opposed to cannibalism. Didn't even wait to get an answer before she tried to rip my face off. Thank god I was one of those "crazy people" that carried a blade anywhere I went; can you blame me after all of the rioting and shootings before this all started? Needless to say, I wasn't given the job, and I was escorted out of the building, where the guards escorting me were pulled off of me by walkers. I just ran home, locked myself in the basement with those supplies mom insisted we'd never need and we all sat as the world began to end.

Fast forward nearly 4 years after this, and I'm the only one of my family left, though I'm with a new family of people I've saved. Using my knowledge in electronics, we have running water, hot showers, old tv shows we recorded on VHS and DVD, lights, and even some music from our old CDs. Right now they're playing "Don't Stop Believing" on my old truck's stereo system. With all of this snow, believing is indeed important. It's freezing, and we have to manually plow the driveway just to go on runs. Thank god Johan and his crew finished making that expansion on the house for growing fruit, because I can't imagine how hard it is to find fruit. I'm fine with eating venison and canned food every day, but something that isn't 99% preservatives is nice too.

We're armed and protected by three concrete walls behind hidden landmines. I have to say, it works... very well. After the first tank blows up just trying to get past our front door, word spreads fast that you should NOT mess with us. I know that explosions attract walkers, which is why we also have an array of stakes and spikes to impale any that get to the wall. It's effective and protective, just like mom's parenting. Even if they get past one, we still have thousands of firearms, so many that we each get our own picks from the arsenal, though my personal favorite is a delayed dead man stick of C4, so I just throw it, run, and it goes off. I carry twin Uzis, machetes, and my personal favorite weapon: my M14A semi automatic rifle outfitted with a jury-rigged night vision zoom scope. I bought it when I turned 19, and I keep it with me, since it's the first rifle I ever owned, next to my father's 30-30 lever action. It makes me feel a little closer to them, and it reminds me that they're not one of the undead thanks to the gun. Once they turned, I had to put them down... That was the first time I felt fear since the start of the apocalypse; I wasn't worried when the woman attacked me, nor when we heard people banging on the blast doors and shooting... only putting down the people close to me truly makes me feel fear... Fear is what helps remind me that I'm still human.

I'm afraid I'll have to cut this short, since I need to clean my weapons. To all survivors, enjoy what moments you can enjoy; more people have died by their own hand than you might think. Remember: there are others out there like you, and we intend to survive.

Sledge out. *click*
Survivor Z / Re: Log In problems? Read here first.
« Last post by One Shot Wonder on December 23, 2016, 04:42:18 PM »
Hi, a while ago I deleted Survivor Z from my phone and recently I re-installed it. I went to log in today and I couldn't remember my password so I requested for a password token to me emailed to me. I waited for around an hour and I never got an email, I went through my junk folder and inbox and still no email, but then I noticed I had an email for a password reset token from last year. I'm not sure if maybe that email is interfering with the email I'm supposed to receive now or not, but none the less I copied the password token I got last year and used it in an attempt to reset my password, but every time I use it the app tells me to "Pick a username/email and start over again" and my only option is to press "start over" and I can't make a new account because I only have one email address and it's being used for the account I'm trying to recover.
Survivor Z / Re: Vehicles
« Last post by Chinevion on December 13, 2016, 07:03:45 AM »
there are others, the horse is the first you find.
Survivor Z / Re: The Survivor Z World Atlas Project
« Last post by Chinevion on December 13, 2016, 07:02:44 AM »
Survivor audio log 2
Millburn Nj
Subject: Fortune Favors the bold
*Click* Begin recording now *beep* Ok, this is Charles. Some good luck for a change. We had a good day yesterday, I ventured out into town yesterday to scavenge for supplies for a new bunker. Things went well at first, but then I heard a terrible moan. I felt the hair on my neck stand up, a horde. I knew there would be no running, don't want to lead them back to the base. So I scanned my surroundings for a place to hide and wait out the horde. I found what I was looking for, an old bank. I ran inside and looked for the vault. After all decaying hands and bone cant get through cold hard steel. Then I heard something, A lady crying and a man trying to quite her. I slung my AR 15 on my back and drew my pistol. I took a tentative step forward and came walk to the vault. I looked inside, a man and a woman were inside in a makeshift camp. I did not think they were much of a threat so I took a risk. I holstered my pistol and took a step inside. (Out of Character. This is a Wip and I dont have time right now to finish it.)   
Survivor Z / Re: Survivor's Guide To The Apocalypse
« Last post by slejhamR on December 09, 2016, 07:29:23 AM »
I suppose it doesn't matter how many days it's been since I last wrote. Everything is going well, and the whole gang is still fighting (when is retirement for an everyday survivor?). I feel the need to convey my thoughts before this Christmas, so here I go.

My name... eh, just call me Sledge. I've been called that name so often I honestly forget what it used to be. Crazy, you live your whole life being called one name and then you lose what it was. But I'm getting off track here; if I'm right, someone is reading my journals, which means they want a story. Well, here's what's been happening since I woke up from that knock on the head.

Since the FO started mobilizing and spreading across the globe, hardly a day goes by where we don't hear helicopters buzzing overhead; I've only had to shoot down one redneck trying to take pot shots at the kids. Then we had to clean up the wreckage, loot the chopper for parts, and rush back to the base to start getting ready for the horde that would be coming as a result of the crash. It's amazing how those things are still walking. Nearly three years since I went topside and yet there are still walking corpses everywhere. Now I never finished my biotech degree, but something tells me that's not normal. Then again, this is coming from a young adult with a machete strapped to his armor, with an M4 on his back and a belt of grenades on his belt, so I guess normality is kind of gone now anyway.

We're done defending the town. I left that to Goer and his guys; they want to protect the town? They can have it. I'm done fighting a war for a shopping center, so I'm just going to do what I always planned on: fortify the hell out of the hill, and sit on the porch and blast the crap outta anything that moves. Sure am glad that it's worked out so far; typically, you get at least one crazy guy with an AK telling you that everything was theirs by now. Not that I'm complaining, though; it's nice to not worry about stepping on a landmine.

The kids are going on 15 now, and they're getting that teenage angst that we all go through. I just tell em that the world already has enough maniacs to deal with, and that I don't care what's cool nowadays; last I checked, the biters don't mind it either. They typically stay inside while manton and Catfish teach them math, science, and survival. Why? Because it's engineers like myself that keep us safe and keep the biters out, not to mention provide electricity. Oh yeah, I may have scrounged up some solar panels and long story short, we're able to get hot showers again. God knows there's a lot of soap and shampoo left in the world (even though Dave still won't shower). We're getting close to Christmas here, so everyone is trying to get everyone something nice, though it's not like there's a lot left in this area. Though, let's be honest, it's not like we can complain about the lack of dangerous trips into town just for some band aids.

Well, my pencil's almost run out of lead, so I'll end this entry here til I get more. To all survivors, I know it's cold outside, but try to tough it out. This is the time of year to celebrate surviving this long. To the good men and women of the FO, we toast to your success in bringing freedom to this lawless world.

Yours Truly,

Survivor Z / Re: Questions
« Last post by Texual1t on December 08, 2016, 08:41:05 PM »
Hey, I've read an old thread about development into android and it was never followed through I guess? By the way, app is amazing when I had iPhone, I played it all the time but now I have an android and I can't get it because rip android
Survivor Z / Re: Vehicles
« Last post by dadwadwd4 on November 30, 2016, 12:07:09 PM »
In the walking dead the current season takes place around 2-3 years after the initial outbreak, Survivor Z when you come out from your bunker a year after the outbreak.  in the walking dead their vehicles are fine.  the only vehicle I know of and have in Survivor Z is the horse,  and even with the horse and a gps equipped it does not expand my search radius at all.  if Ed or God sees this please fix it in the next update.
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